Three innovative and visually stunning collections of coverings


An environmentally friendly, fully compostable and 100% bio-degradable glitter finish for wall coverings and fabrics.


A visionary collection of tactile finishes for the 21st Century and dystopian future beyond....

* BioZyde                                                                   unique oxidised metal finish for walls

* Cementation one2ten                                             part of our new Hardkore range.

          Literally ground-breaking industrial finishes in cement and concrete.



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Off the Wall Coverings

Inspiration - Innovation - Collaboration

Designers and creators of distinctive fabrics & wall coverings for Visual Merchandising, Events and Commercial Interiors.

We are a creative company specialising in printing unique surface texture finishes onto fabrics & wallcoverings.


Cementation one2ten

Cementation A5.jpg
cementation 4 - 300dpi - 3mb.jpg
Cementation 3 Colour Grey 1.jpg

UrbanDK Wall Coverings

Part of our HardKore Range

Cementation 4

Colour Grey 2

Cementation 3

Colour Grey 1

Cementation 2 - Colour Grey 3.jpg
Cementation Giraffe Colour Grey 3.jpg
Cementation 6

Cemenation 2

Colour Grey 2

Cementation Giraffe

Colour Grey 3

Cementation 5

Colour Grey 2

Our Cementation Wall Coverings are produced using granulated aggregates to produce a textured surface within the design. Produced on a wide width (145cm) 150gsm crosslaid base paper.


BioZyde Wall Coverings

BioZyde is an entirely new surface finish to wall coverings. During production several different types of metal particles are expertly infused with the chosen material and oxidised to give varying patina's in Verdigris and Iron oxide colouration.


Gliterati Serengeti

Gliterati Fabric - Black Iris

Quilted Gliterati Fabric - Gold

Quilted Gliterati Fabric - Lipstick Red



Creative Paperology

Our Chameleon wallcoverings are produced using a combination photochromic and  colour pigments both of which are water based, the effect gives a subtile colour change dependent on the viewing angle, creating a world of ever changing colour.

Boudoir Damask Tibetan Red.jpg

Boudoir Damask wallcovering in Blue/Gold colour change over Green Tinted Black pigment

Boudoir Damask wallcovering in Green/Gold colour change over Yolk Yellow pigment

Boudoir Damask wallcovering in Blue/Gold colour change over Tibetan Red pigment


In Production

Boudoir Damask Wallcovering


Moss Off the Wall

A natural sustainable material

Flexible Reindeer Moss Panels

Reindeer Moss is the ideal natural material for preservation, the flexible panel size 80cm x 60cm x 5cm arrives on a rubber backing and is particularly useful on curved surfaces. This panel type can be cut to size using either a sharp knife or scissors.
We can manufacture entirely bespoke items tailored to the design vision.

Renewable sustainable natural product

Preserved Reindeer Moss is handpicked from sustainable Norwegian forests and despite the common name, is actually a Lichen, (Cladonia Stellaris), formed of two species, Algae and Fungus. The former absorbs nutrients from the surrounding air, converting via photosynthesis and the latter relates to the structure. As Lichen has no root system it is the perfect candidate for mineral preservation which takes place soon after picking. As well as fully preserving the Reindeer Moss, the saline solution creates anti static which has the effect of preventing dust from settling.

We can manufacture entirely bespoke items tailored to the design vision.

  • 100% Maintenance free

  • Grown from sustainable sources

  • Organic mineral preservation The saline preservation creates anti static, preventing dust from settling

  • Will neither grow nor decline in normal environments

  • Naturally acoustically absorbent structure assisting with excessive reverb

  • Fire Certified to Bs-2,d0 (Class 0)

  • Cannot harbour bugs or pests

  • Air purification properties

  • Good thermal properties

  • Indefinite life span within the required 40% or more relative humidity

Personalise your design

Use the colours within Moss off the Wall  to enhance your product or image


Aluminium Framed Trays Moss off the Wall

Once the moss is received at the factory, each floret is handpicked to remove two-thirds of the basal section which is then recycled. The upper third is the part used during panel assembly. This ensures the soft, domed moss finish that is essential to retain the desired look.

  • There are 14 colourways available,  the colour is achieved by using natural food dye and every order is produced from the same colour batch as standard. Reindeer Moss is a natural product with varying levels of Chlorophyll, In terms of colour saturation there is variances in tonal distribution. Higher levels of Chlorophyll equate to a darker tone of colour, lower Chlorophyll levels mean a slightly lighter tone.

  • Designs can incorporate single or multiple colours. The latter is used to provide unique designs or company branding.


Colour Nature Green 58

Moss Bust Forms

100% Natural Moss Finish

Our Moss Bust Forms are available to Purchase or to Hire

Purple 88
Beech Finish


There are 8 colours in the standard MBF range. We can produce to order other colours from our Moss Wall Panel range of 14 colours. We can also produce mixed colours to your specification. All of the colouring is produced from natural food dyes, no solvent-based colours are used.

Stands & Finials

  1. Our MBF stands and finials come in 3 colours, Black, White and Beech.
    All components are adjustable for height, all sizes are available. Please note that because of the Moss covering, sizes are slightly over sized.

Bust Form Care and Usage

All of our MBF’s are covered in 100% Reindeer Moss. It will not drop or grow. If used in very low
humidity areas (enclosed windows) it will become brittle and care is required when moving the
bust form. To assist in bringing it back to its original soft finish simply place in an environment of
relative humidity of 40/50%. Most commercial area's will have this as standard. Alternatively mist
lightly with water but do not over saturate. The food colours are ‘fast’ and will not transfer with the
exception of white, which we recommend for non garment display use only.

Exhibitions & Events

Trade Exhibitions and Events we support


VM & Display Show 2016

Our Debut at the VM & Display Show

VM & Display Show 2016

Meet the Team

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 13.41.10_edite

VM & Display Awards 2016

WINNER: Nike - Techpack - In collaboration with Millington Associates
Sponsor: Off the Wall Coverings

VM & Display show 2017

Gliterati Fabric Launch

1704 Gliterati_006.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 13.52.59.jpg

VM & Display awards 2017

Winners 2017

VM & Display Show 2018

Moss off the Wall Launch

Our Pride Bust Forms at the entrance to

London Queer Fashion Show 2018

     A Real Success

Our Pride Moss Bust Forms at the entrance to the fashion show

VM & Display Awards 2018

Our Student guests from UAL

VM & Display Awards 2018
Off the Wall Coverings Booth 624.jpg

Surface Design Show 2019

An Exceptional Show


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